Construction is a fast paced environment – and it is also a hazardous environment.  Our management philosophy and our team approach is a core part of our business structure and model.  Tunista’s present and our future depend on our Goal structure and our Core Values – they are in many respects interchangeable.

Our Goals are grand but they are also simple – they can be distilled to 3 Basic Principles:

  1. Safety – Zero Incidents on all Projects/Operations
  2. Quality and Effective Production
  3. Communication

These three goals are the basis of guiding our management teams and our systems throughout the business.  The execution of these 3 goals are critical in Tunista’s processes for providing clear and concise services to our clients and their federal customers.  We are driven by our continual improvements in communication and collaboration.  These goals also become values, they are what we practice – how we interact, what we focus on ,and how we respond to stakeholders and project deliverables.  Our company understands the direct impact related to the importance of goals and the long-term impact in our success.

We are an organization that is designed for the ability to respond quickly to changes in a work environment.  This is done rapidly through the delegation and authorization of decision-making power to the project management team.  This approach towards project management allows maximum flexibility and efficiency and promotes effective communication that speaks to our goal structure.  Some key advantages to Tunista Construction’s decentralized management structure are as follows:

  • Lean Construction Initiatives – Stakeholders involvement
  • Encouragement of project-level managers (construction team outside of corporate headquarters) to exercise initiative and act responsibly – therefore providing “boots on the ground” solutions
  • Belief that new ideas and creative thinking are better promoted in a decentralized organization
  • Faster response times.
  • Greater flexibility and lower cost

We are an organization that focuses on the end result, and we work to streamline operations.  This translates to greater efficiencies through the decision-making authority, which will allow for a faster problem-solving process and shorter project down time.


Tunista Construction, working within the holding company of Bilista and the parent corporation of Calista Corporation, has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure adherence to federal procurement statutes and regulations. Compliance with these policies and procedures are mandatory for all officers and employees and can be found within the written Calista Corporate Ethics and Compliance Policy. This program is designed to diligently promote compliance and to prevent and detect criminal conduct by officers, employees, vendors and suppliers, as well as to create an organizational culture that encourages ethics and compliance at all levels of the organization.

Tunista Construction, in conjunction with Calista Corporation has the following elements within their Corporate Compliance Program:

  • A written Corporate Code of Ethics
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures
  • A designated Compliance Officer and/or committee
  • A clear outline of consequences for non-compliance with written Corporate Ethics and Compliance policies
  • A corporate culture which enhances compliance through Leadership from Management

With regard to federal contracting the Calista Corporate Ethics and Compliance Policy addresses the following:

  • The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • SBA regulations (13 CFR Parts 121, 124 & 125)
  • Contracting Agency Regulations
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • SBA Reporting Requirements
  • Good Business “Ethics” and Practices