Design/Build Company Operations Facility/MP Facility Fort Wainwright, AK

The Unit Company Operations Facility (COF) was a large Design/Build project completed on schedule and on budget for the entire project duration. The ability to do large or small scale design/build projects, as well as work with a variety of subcontractors is evident in this project. It also demonstrated our collective ability to manage projects and work in extreme conditions with logistical challenges.

Both structures, the COF and Military Police Facility (MPF) were completed as a part of this project. In addition to meeting the typical rigors of USACE construction and reporting requirements, the project had anti- terrorism components and requirements.

This project highlights Tunista Construction’s and our sister companies’ ability to work alongside the client and the standards that are set as well as building what has been designed from excavation & parking to entire structures in an efficient and professional manner.

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Contract Value: $11,961,000.00
Origin Date: September 2008
Completion Date: June 2010
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