Delivering a Concept to a Finished Product

The Design/Build process can provide great value to an owner, provided the execution and roles are clearly understood. Tunista Construction provides comprehensive Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build solutions for the Federal Government and specializes in Military Customers and their mission critical objectives. Understanding the clients and customer needs is a fundamental part of our success and the strategy of our business operation. Tunista Construction has performed Design/Build construction services for Federal clients since its inception and continues to provide best-in-class customer focused service.

The Right Team

A Design/Build project hinges on the expertise of the team and the understanding of the stakeholders. Having clear objectives and collaboration between the parties is a fundamental part of delivering a successful project. Tunista Construction manages the entire Design/Build process and leads the constructability elements on a collaborative level with the design team partners. Our approach to stakeholder involvement begin early in the selection and design process to ensure that all project deliverables are met. Roles are an equally important part of the process; the involvement of the Government and the role of the owner is a correspondingly critical part to the Design/ Build venture. Tunista Construction works early with the Government to outline the project deliverables and the contract requirements to ensure that design and design objectives are clear to ensure rapid and efficient project execution and project delivery.

Our construction professionals add value to the design process by providing input on constructability, budgeting, cost control, and logistics.

This process is comprehensive – focus on selecting the right team, the right Builder, a proven Contractor that understands the critical objectives of the government’s needs and the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), and meeting the objectives of the customer requirements (End User). Tunista Construction is here to build, and is proven, with proven teaming partners and depth of subcontractor resources throughout major markets.

At Tunista Construction we are our own most demanding client.

A few examples of our completed Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build projects include:

Tunista Construction self-performs interior architectural construction, civil construction, concrete and foundations trade work. Self-performed work is based on the competitive market analysis by job and region. Tunista Construction is a Union Contractor and prides itself on the quality tradesmenship in the work performed by the men and women in its building trades group.