601 Street Utilidor Upgrade ‐ FTW319Fort Wainwright, Alaska

As prime contractor, Tunista renovated the utilidor system from Manhole H2‐5‐1L to G2‐5‐2 and from Manhole H2‐2‐4 to H2‐3‐8 inclusive. Tunista self-performed the construction of new utilidor sections and lids, structurally modifying man‐holes and existing utilidor sections, waterproofing, installation of insulation, labor for pipe demolition and lid removal/replacement, placement and installation of trench shoring and bracing, emergency egress ramps, renovating the lateral utilidor to Buildings 4014 including the mechanical pit in the building. Tunista also self-performed all project management, superintendent, project engineer, health and safety, quality control, human resource and payroll functions.

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Original Contract Value: $11,300,000
Final Contract Value: $11,300,000
Origin Date: August 2007
Completion Date: October 2008
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