Safety – Our Foundation

At Tunista Construction, safety is our number one goal, but it is also much more than that – it is a value that we hold as the foundation of our business and its operation. This value is a priority that does not change with time or on the type, speed, or condition of any project. It is an always present and never wavering commitment to our people and our mission as builders and to ourselves. Our zero incident safety culture: zero tolerance for violations and zero incidents on jobsites, is ingrained in all of our employees, from field workers to senior management. We train and maintain high internal standards and expect our clients, project team partners, and subcontractors to share in our values and programs.

Safety is Everyone’s Job

Tunista Construction’s Safety Department, is comprised of a dedicated group of professionals that focus on Safety as their primary operations and assist all managers, employees, and projects with upholding and implementing the Company’s workplace safe work practices and policies/procedures for all areas of the business.

Safety is the single most important part of our job; it is the basis for our well-being and the well faire of our internal and extended family. Attention to detail, to proper procedure, training, success driven performance and continually managing risks and self-performance – this are key aspects of our Safety culture. However, we also focus on keeping our program fresh and relevant – keeping the company in a constant position of continual improvement – praising performance and measuring successful lead and lag indicators – theses have proven to be key elements of a successful program.

We consider no project successful unless it was built safely – with “no incidents”.