Leadership in construction is best defined by those who strive to be innovative in approach and methodology but are also grounded in the basic values of honesty, commitment and customer service.

Tunista Construction seeks to be a leader in the highly competitive and ever changing field of commercial construction by applying industry benchmark project and construction management approaches (Lean Construction Methodologies) and technologies (Oracle Primavera Project Manager Professional as well as Dexter-Cheney Venture). Our application of new approaches and methodologies in the areas of management by applying Lean Construction means and methods increases not only the productivity of our project/construction management teams, but also improves the quality of the final product to our clients – as well as adds value to the teams we participate in.

Leadership in the areas of construction management technologies Tunista Construction can better serve its clients, provide effective opportunities for subcontractors/vendors as well as provide a much stronger finished product as well as enhance team participation on complex projects; at a far reduced cost.

Tunista Construction continually strives to a be a “value-leader” in the government and commercial construction industry by identifying opportunities for fast-track construction scheduling as well as value-engineering and lean construction.